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Doom is becoming a board game

Hell is coming to your dining table

Doom is becoming a board game, courtesy of the designers at Fantasy Flight Games. Doom: The Board Game is based on the series’ latest entry, translating the demon-killing shooter to the tabletop.

Due out by the end of this year, Doom: The Board Game allows between two and five players to take part in missions as either a highly trained marine or a hellish demon. Each side works toward its own objectives, with marines attempting to save Mars while demons try their best to stop them.

There are six missions for the invaders and marines included within the board game, and the characters themselves are represented by figures with designs borrowed from the video game version of Doom. Fantasy Flight goes further in-depth about the various character classes and other game elements in a post about the upcoming product.

Those who prefer to play through Doom with a controller, not a set of figures, cards and a game board, can look forward to new add-on content coming to the game beginning tomorrow. Doom will receive new multiplayer maps for free on July 29, with additional premium content coming in August.

We’ll hope to go hands-on with Doom: The Board Game and more tabletop titles at Gen Con next week. Check out our coverage in our tabletop games section.

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