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Pokémon fans can finally sit on Snorlax’s face this winter

Take a nap on top of the sleepiest Pokémon

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ThinkGeek is now taking pre-orders for a bean bag chair inspired by the sleepiest Pokémon, Snorlax. For $149.99, Pokémon fans can spend all day and night on a slightly smaller but no less adorable Snorlax plush.

The bean bag chair is four feet tall, making it shorter than the six-foot-eleven Pokémon’s in-game height. It’s also shorter than the $456 Japanese Snorlax cushion that starts shipping in August. That pillow is nearly five feet tall and weighs 26.5 pounds.

The bigger Snorlax cushion is a Japan-exclusive, however, so American fans will have to make do with ThinkGeek’s version to get their cuddle time in. Although it’s officially licensed, according to the retailer, the pictures of Snorlax in action are currently "pending licensor approval." In its current state, though, the chair looks perfectly suitable for a good, post-Pokémon-hunting nap.

Snorlax is due out sometime this December. ThinkGeek makes sure to note that the item "does not ship with a [Poké] flute." That’s the item trainers use to wake Snorlax up from its deep slumber — so if you ever want to get the Snorlax bean bag chair to wake up, you’re on your own.