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Report: DriveClub VR launching alongside PlayStation VR (update)

Racing toward an October release

DriveClub VR will reportedly launch this fall, and the original development team at now-shuttered Evolution Studios worked on the PlayStation VR game. That’s according to both a post on the Japanese PlayStation blog as well as Paul Rustchynsky, the game’s director.

The announcement has been pulled, but a cache of the page reveals an Oct. 13 release date for DriveClub VR. That suggests that the racing simulator is a PlayStation VR launch title; Sony’s virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 is also scheduled for Oct. 13.

After Sony shut down Evolution Studios this spring, the future of DriveClub VR hung in the balance. Codemasters, another studio known primarily for racing games, soon picked up Evolution Studios, and Rustchynsky said on NeoGAF earlier today that the original team was brought on board to continue development of the VR project.

"The same development team who made DRIVECLUB, also made DRIVECLUB VR," he wrote.

In April, the ESRB rated DriveClub VR. We went hands-on with the game that same month, however, where we were told DriveClub VR was just a "tech demo" — and a high-speed, nauseating one at that.

We’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation of DriveClub VR’s launch date, and whether it’s on track for a Western release.

Update: Ahead of the game's appearance at Gamescom 2016, Sony confirmed that DriveClub VR will arrive stateside in 2016. Although a release window still has not been confirmed, the racing game will include online multiplayer modes, "new and classic DriveClub tracks" as well as spectator-friendly options.

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