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Dark Souls 3 mod swaps everything with Nicolas Cage and Shrek

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Earlier this month, YouTube user Limit Breakers garnered over half a million views with his video showing all textures in Dark Souls 3 replaced with an image of a crab. Following that video’s success, he released a new video in which he substitutes the game’s textures with suggestions from his subscribers, including Shrek, the skull trumpet meme and arguably the internet’s favorite member of the Coppola family, Nicolas Cage.

"Some people say games are art," Limit Breakers states in his video description. "I like to think we have proved otherwise."

When we say all textures in the game get replaced, we really mean it. Every object, from the smoke effects, to the menu items, the clouds in the sky, even the warm orange glow of the bonfires that ought to invoke safety and respite, are all swapped for the haunting visages of Nic Cage, Shrek and others.

This unholy task was accomplished with NexusMods user S17L’s mod called "iGP11," which allows users to replace the textures of Dark Souls 3 with their own images. You may recall a similar mod for the first Dark Souls game being used in March for an episode of Monster Factory, with images including a pizza and former Family Feud host Louie Anderson.

Limit Breakers posted a (NSFW) step-by-step walkthrough for the mod on their channel so you too can bend the world of Dark Souls 3 to your twisted whims.

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