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Little King's Story makes its royal PC debut next week

The quirky Wii game is back

Little King’s Story, Cing and XSeed Games’ cult favorite real-time strategy game, will come to Windows PC on Aug. 5. An HD port of the Wii version will be available on Steam, the Humble Store and with a 10 percent discount offered at launch.

The game will be on sale for $22.50 throughout its first week on all three storefronts. Alongside the enhanced visuals, seen in the trailer above, Little King’s Story on PC comes with Steam trading cards and gamepad support.

Other than that, fans of the original game will recognize Little King’s Story in its newest incarnation. Released in 2009, the Wii game pairs storybook visuals and a tiny royal with crafting, quests and lots of military units to take care of. Each of the little king’s subjects had families and personalities — and it’s the player’s job to keep them all alive while taking over surrounding kingdoms.

Following the Wii release, Little King’s Story came to PlayStation Vita too. That game, New Little King’s Story, is a reimagining of its predecessor and features a radically different art style; it launched in 2012.

Browse through the PC version’s new, improved graphics in the gallery of screens below.

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