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There is a giant, huggable Ditto pillow and it’s giving me life (update)

Japanese Pokémon fans can give Ditto a big squeeze next week

Listen: It’s Friday. It’s been a very, very long week. There is nothing I want more right now than some sleep. Actually, there may be one thing: a hug from the super-sized Ditto pillow, on sale at the Japanese Pokémon Center next week.

Ditto has always struck me as the squishiest Pokémon, and that comes through in its latest cuddly translation. That dumb little face just demands to be squeezed, and it’ll only cost me $127 to do so when this gigantic plush is released on Aug. 6.

When I say "gigantic," I mean it. The Pokémon Center offers a comparison to the next-biggest stuffed Ditto, the equally adorable "big" sleepy Ditto that stands a full eight inches shorter than the super-sized version. The new Ditto pillow is 25.5 inches tall, making it all the better to wrap your arms around. (For reference, that's twice the height of an actual Ditto, according to the Pokédex.)

The best part about it as that, with the Ditto pillow, I can kill two birds with one stone. The Pokémon stretches out to be two feet wide — perfect for lying my head on as I toss and turn and dream of my Pokémon adventures, Ditto by my side.

The Japanese Pokémon Center even offers a bevy of other Ditto-related products, from t-shirts to socks to a keychain of a Ditto riding a Ditto that took the form of a Ponyta. All of this just goes to show that Ditto is unequivocally the greatest Pokémon.

There’s no word on whether the American Pokémon Center will receive the Ditto plush in its store, unfortunately. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. (In the meantime, it sells the jumbo-sized sleepy Ditto, at least.)

Update: The oversized Ditto pillow is now available stateside. It costs $129.99 and is on sale from the Pokémon Center's online shop.

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