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This tiny little trinket is a must for Apple Watch owners

No battery included

A handy little portable Apple Watch charger just hit Kickstarter this month and it’s an impressive piece of kit.

The Diskus is the first portable Apple-approved Apple Watch Charger. More importantly it does away with the 6-foot cable found on the official charger and replaces it with a micro USB port.

The thing is less than half-an-inch tall, 1.26 inches in diameter and weighs a piddly 5.6 ounces. In other words, it’s easy for you to drop it in a pocket or toss it in a bag as an emergency back-up.

I had a chance to play around with one of the prototypes at my house (the retail version is silver not the bad-ass gold that creators ThanoTech lent me) and was surprised with how powerful the magnet is that pulls in the watch. Because the thing is so tiny, getting my watch to sit on it and charge was not a problem, despite the bulky Catalyst case I use. I can’t even say that for Nomad’s Pod, which tends to require a lot of shifting about before the charging starts.

While the Pod includes the ability to hold a traditional charger, along with all of that cable, and includes a hefty battery, the Diskus takes a simpler approach.

All you get with this device is the pad, a 1-foot cable and an adorable little bag. The team looked at including a battery, but found it greatly increased the size of the device and, of course, the cost, according to the Kickstarter page.

As a fan of always being prepared with spare cables (I have a micro/lightning one tucked away in my wallet, for serious), I’m a big fan of this design concept.

The $30 Early Bird (the $28 is already sold out) discount, still strikes me as slightly high, but I love the idea of dropping one of these in my work bag and not having to worry about recharging the watch on the go.

Are you as big a fan of smartwatches as I am? You should probably read this then.

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