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Heroes of the Storm adding Diablo's Auriel and Warcraft's Gul'dan soon

'In the coming weeks,' says Blizzard

It might be hard to remember over the past six weeks that Blizzard has games other than Overwatch, y'know. There's also its MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, barely a year old now, has some new characters to bring to the Nexus over the coming weeks.

Here's a look at the models, skins and fighting styles of World of Warcraft's Gul'dan and Diablo's Auriel, who will be new characters added to the game "in the near future," says Bliz.

They're joined by new skins for Warcraft's Arthas, Diablo's Johanna and Li Ming (as a ... volleyball champion?) plus five new mounts. Auriel and Gul'dan will also get two alternate skins.

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