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Here's what the end of PlanetSide looked like

A hail of fire

PlanetSide, one of the first MMO shooters when it launched in 2003, flipped off the lights on Friday as planned, after a venerable 13-year run. The end came for PlanetSide much like it did for the dinosaurs here on Earth: with a meteor shower. Our dinos didn't get a "connection error" message at the end, though.

PlanetSide was one of Sony Online Entertainment's titles, until that development house was spun off into DayBreak Game Company. A sequel, PlanetSide 2, launched on Windows PC in 2012, with a version on PlayStation 4 following in 2015.

That game is still ongoing, but another SOE/Daybreak game is coming to an end — Legends of Norrath, a card collection game based on the Everquest canon. Servers for that go dark on Aug. 17.

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