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Celebrate Magikarp's weakness with this official video from the Pokémon Company

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Everyone sing along! (If you speak Japanese)

Magikarp, the weakest of all the Pokémon, has a music video celebrating his flailing, flopping futility — and it's official.

It's called "I Love Magikarp" (of course) and it's in Japanese. I've only found this partial translation/explanation of the lyrics. Magikarp's many flaws are listed by the singing boy, who still holds out hope of raising it in a party of six, and Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados, though that will take forever.

I don't know what that is at 1:57 but it looks like a poo cloud envelops three Magikarp and drags them away. I think the singer is suggesting Magikarp struggle to swim against any current. Either way, it's four minutes of pure WTFery to start your Saturday morning. Enjoy.