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Pokémon Go gets the Did You Know Gaming? video treatment

Not that this is ancient, or obscure history ...

The Did You Know Gaming? series has at last gotten around to the Pokémon Go craze.

Clocking in at about seven minutes long, it probably contains a lot of stuff you did already know about the game and its origins, but it packages the story of its development start-to-finish, so that anyone can understand how we got here and what this craze is all about.

That includes the concept's beginning as an April Fools joke by Google concerning the catching of Pokémon in real life. References to the Pokémon anime, including the means of starting with Pikachu and evolving Eevee into a preferred form.

The next big news to come for Pokémon Go will be the Pokémon Go Plus peripheral, made by Nintendo, which allows wearers to catch Pokémon without having their mobile device on. That will launch in September, which represents a delay from its originally announced window of this month. For more on Pokémon Go Plus, see this explainer.

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