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Fallout 4's latest update gives Codsworth hundreds of new names to say (update)

Sometimes you wanna go where every robot knows your name

Fallout 4's lovable robot butler, Codsworth, just broadened his vocabulary. An update for the Windows PC version of the game adds more than 300 more names for him to say out loud, among other tweaks and features.

Bethesda Game Studios first launched the update in a Steam beta, but the butler's expanded library of names was not included. Instead, it makes for a surprise addition to the game's 1.6 update.

Codsworth will first say your name after creating your character. While a player can name their character anything they want, the robot only knew so many names to say aloud; Bethesda said it had programmed more than 1,000 to start. These included "Fuckface," "Boobies" and "Todd Howard," director of the open-world hit.

Names like Griffin, Allegra and Cheers' Sam Malone, however, were not part of Codsworth's parlance. We're currently investigating their inclusion; we'll update when we have a better sense of just how many new names Codsworth has learned since Fallout 4's November launch.

Xbox One players will receive the update next week, the studio said in a post. The PlayStation 4 version remains in the works.

Update: Fallout's Reddit community say they've mined the patch and discovered this list of new names Codsworth will say. All of them appear to be applicable to male and female characters. Notable inclusions: Hux, Phasma, Poe and Leia; all 12 signs of the Zodiac and everyone's favorite Tunnel Snake, Butch.

Update #2: The 1.6 update is now available on Xbox One. Bethesda said that a PlayStation 4 version is still on its way.

Update #3: The update is now available on PS4.

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