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Monster Hunter Generations features the most adorable version of Link you'll ever see

A little something for the cat lovers

Monster Hunter Generations will feature a crossover with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, according to the Nintendo 3DS game's latest trailer. As seen above, a feline — or Felyne — version of Toon Link will be offered as free downloadable content for the game.

Generations allows players to inhabit the series' cat-like companions, called Palicos. The Wind Waker DLC adds a Link costume to the various outfits these characters can wear. Other options include the canine deity Amaterasu from Okami, another odd choice for the Felyne characters to take after.

A demo is available on Nintendo eShop now, ahead of the game's July 15 launch. Check out some gameplay below for more Generations, just in case the ability to play as Toon Link with a tail hasn't already sold you on the game.

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