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Someone gave the pope a copy of Undertale

We're guessing it was a Steam key; was it — wait for it — redeemed?

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

When one visits the pope, it is customary to bring His Holiness a gift.

MatPat, a video gaming YouTube personality, was invited to the Vatican as part of a world summit on the Internet and how it brings people together. Informed that he should present Pope Francis with a gift, MatPat chose Undertale, the indie role-playing hit by Toby Fox that launched last year.

This is somewhat curious, as Undertale had no physical launch. Instead of a disc, it's assumed he presented Francis with a Steam code. No idea if the pontiff has redeemed it yet.

MatPat takes a desultory 16 minutes to explain the choice in the following video. If you want the CliffsNotes version, he says it's because the Pope proclaimed 2016 the "year of mercy for the Catholic church, a period celebrating forgiveness and compassion when one could otherwise choose to harm a person.

"And what's the recurring theme throughout Undertale? Mercy," MatPat reasons. Let's hope Francis, or someone close to him anyway, completes the game and recognizes that connection.

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