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Cybust is hoping you're willing to spend to display your VR headset

This is a very nice way to show off your tech investment

So what exactly do you do with your expensive virtual reality headsets when they’re not in use?

Cybust is hoping that’s a problem you’re willing to spend $89 to solve. The company is offering a sort of blank head for your head-mounted displays between gaming sessions. It’s not an inexpensive product, but if you’re spending $600 or more for a virtual reality headset, you probably care about how you set it down.

The company sent me two units to test out (the first unit had faulty adhesive between the head and the base), and it’s pretty clear this is a premium product filling a pretty high-end need.

The Cybust works with all the available headsets, and the company says it’s also fine for the PlayStation VR. I haven’t been able to check that myself, for obvious reasons, but it fit perfectly well with my Vive, Rift and Gear VR.

I've also purchased and tested various model and even glass heads to display my headsets in the past, and they were always at risk of falling over from the weight or the cables in the back. Cybust rests on a heavy, attractive steel base. It's not going anywhere.

This is a display stand made specifically for VR headsets, and designed to keep them safe. "When we designed our stand, we made sure that we built it based on an average size cranium, and then we scaled it down to 95% of that size to make sure that you don't need to loosen the straps after use," the official site explains. "So straps should not be stretched out by using our stand."

The steel stand even rests on black felt so it won’t scratch your furniture.

Once you have your headset and headphones on the head, it begins to look like something from the future, and makes a nice display in your home or gaming room or wherever you do your VR stuff.

What good is being on the bleeding edge of technology if you can’t show it off in the best way possible?

The only flaw I can find is that the material used for the heads can make fingerprints show up if you handle them too much, but a cloth wipe fixes that. And once I started putting the headsets on without touching the head part of the display, which is easier than it sounds, the issue disappeared. The head connects to the base via a strong steel rod, so even the model with the defective adhesive worked perfectly once I reassembled the three pieces. Cybust also apologized for the issue and sent out a replacement the following day, and the site stresses their commitment to customer service.

All in all, I'm impressed. The Cybust is $89, and is on sale now.

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