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Police stations are already warning Pokémon Go fans to keep out

"That Sandshrew isn't going anywhere fast"

Pokémon Go is out now in a handful of places worldwide, including Australia. Northern Territory locals in particular have already taken to the game — so much so that the area's police force is already discouraging Pokémon trainers from bringing the adventure inside their building.

A Facebook post from the Northern Territory Emergency Services warns Pokémon Go players that, while the Darwin Police Station functions as a special PokéStop location in the game, that doesn't mean they should start swarming the building.

"Please be advised that you don't actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs [sic]," the post reads. "It's also a good idea to look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street. That Sandshrew isn't going anywhere fast."

In Pokémon Go, PokéStops are landmarks that, once approached, offer a number of items to the player. How they're determined is not yet clear, but there's a variety of them available throughout the world already. They appear on the in-game map, marked by a blue Poké Ball.

Whether other businesses or PokéStop locations will have to issue warnings to players remains to be seen. Only a minority of Pokémon fans have access to the app thus far, after it went live on iTunes and the Google Play store last night. North American beta testers can check out the final build on Android, but a full release on both that and iOS remains unscheduled.

We've spent time with the game already. Check out our first impressions, as well as our how-to guide for total beginners.


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