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Report: This year's Steam Summer Sale was even bigger than last year's

The Winter Sale reigns supreme, however

The recently wrapped Steam Summer Sale proved to be an even bigger success than last year's, according to Steam Spy. Data culled from the second annual sales period points to this year's bargains generating more than $230 million in revenue, ahead of last year's $160 million pull.

Steam Spy founder Sergey Galyonkin hopes to publish a more in-depth breakdown of the year-over-year changes later this week, but early calculations include the number of games sold (37 million, four million more than last summer's sale) along with some of the biggest games.

The biggest of these, according to Steam Spy's own charts, is Limbo, which sold more than 1.1 million copies over the course of the sales period. What's especially interesting is that Limbo wasn't actually discounted during the Summer Sale. Instead, its success is likely due to anticipation for its follow-up, Inside, which is now available on Windows PC after hitting Xbox One last week.

That's the only game listed to have broken a million units moved during the Summer Sale. Other big, discounted hits include BioShock 2 and Stardew Valley at 179,000 copies each and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of Valve's most popular titles, albeit one currently at the center of controversy.

The full top 10 is below, including just how much each title was discounted, followed by the revenue each game generated on its own. As for how the Summer Sale compares to the previous seasonal discount period, the numbers don't beat those of January's Winter Sale. Steam Spy reported then that more than 46 million copies of games were sold over the course of the week.

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