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Preview the world of Pokémon Go before heading out on your own adventure

The game's now out stateside

Pokémon Go is now available to download in the United States on iOS and Android, following an early launch for beta testers and those in other nations. In case you haven't embarked upon your real world Pokémon adventure yet, the game's debut trailer above offers a glimpse at what to expect.

An augmented reality game in the style of developer Niantic Labs' Ingress, Pokémon Go uses GPS tracking and a smartphone's camera to help players find and battle wild Pokémon in the great outdoors. Like most mobile games, the free-to-play download also includes in-app purchases to aid your journey.

Before you head out on your adventure, check out our how-to guide. We've also shared our early impressions of the game's beta, although the game has changed a bit since last month's build.

Correction: Sorry, Canadians — Pokémon Go has yet to arrive in your country. The story above has been updated to reflect that.

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