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Pokémon Sun and Moon's newest monster is the series' latest lizard

Charmander still wins our vote for best of show

Pokémon Sun and Moon received another creature for its Pokédex today: Salandit, the "Toxic Lizard Pokémon." The two-foot-long monster is a poison/fire-type, one that the Pokémon Company deemed worthy of its own trailer.

Salandit sits on its hind legs, a unique posture for the reptilian creature. Of course, considering that fiery lizard-type predecessor Charmander walks around on its hind legs, perhaps that's not so odd after all.

According to the gameplay video, Salandit can poison all kinds of Pokémon, despite its relative weakness. That's thanks to Corrosion, a new ability that allows it to inflict the deadly status effect on every type of Pokémon. That it can perform fire-based moves certainly helps too.

We're now in the double-digits when it comes to new Pokémon we've met since the Nintendo 3DS games were announced. We expect to be introduced to even more monsters ahead of the games' Nov. 18 launch. In the meantime, Pokémon Go on iOS and Android is now available for trainers looking to get their Pokémon fill.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Trailer

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