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Snapchat introduces new Ghostbusters lens for front and rear-facing camera


Snapchat is giving people the ability to take selfies with a new dual-camera lens for the first time to incorporate different Ghostbusters themes ahead of the film's release.

Fans will be able to either use the front-facing camera to transform themselves into a ghost-busting scientist or use the rear-facing camera to include Slimer in their photos or throw slime at people. The new lens, which operates like a more detailed filter, uses both cameras to create cinematic, interactive backgrounds from the film that users can apply in videos and selfies. Along with giving users different backgrounds and interactive images to use for their videos and photos, the new lens will also play Ray Parker Jr.'s classic Ghostbusters theme song. When people send the photo or video, the music will play in the background.

Sony Pictures is the first company to incorporate the new Snapchat lens and Ghostbusters is a trial run for the social app. According to Snapchat, the company is interested in exploring how lenses could work with dual-cameras on smartphones and how it can incorporate more interactive backgrounds and filters for users to play with.

Ghostbusters, which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, hits theaters July 15.

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