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Pokémon knock-off Catch ‘Em owes its newfound popularity to Pokémon Go

Think Flappy Bird or Doodle Jump

Pokémon Go is the number one Pokémon game in the app store right now. One of the more popular games, which was at one point only second to Pokémon Go is a little title called Catch 'em, and it's essentially the Flappy Bird of Pokémon.

In Catch 'em, players are tasked with catching all 151 Pokémon that are scattered throughout the sky. The game's design isn't great, but essentially users control a Poke Ball through repetitive tapping on the screen. When the Poké Ball encounters one of the floating creatures, you score a point. Other Pokémon are toxic and when you aim your Poké Ball in their direction, you die. There's no indication as to which Pokémon are friendly and which ones aren't.

The game borrows artwork from Pokémon, but there's no indication anywhere that it's based on Game Freak's long running franchise. Catch 'em started generating conversation after fans frantically searched the app store to see if Pokémon Go was available to download, Catch 'em was relatively unheard of. While people were searching for Go, it skyrocketed to the top of the results page, giving it more attention than ever before.

Catch 'em is available to play right now on iOS devices. Pokémon Go is also available to download for free on Android and iOS devices.

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