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The System Shock Kickstarter is getting an art book, here's what it looks like

Welcome back to Citadel Station, insect

Nightdive Studios is adding a new $100 tier to its System Shock remake Kickstarter campaign, and rewarding backers with an art book featuring work from series artist Robb Waters, as well as a physical PC version of the game.

With 20 days remaining in the Kickstarter, having already reached 95% of its $900,000 goal, the team at Nightdive Studios is looking to the stretch phase portion of its campaign. If the Kickstarter surpasses the $2.5 million stretch goal, "all backers in tiers over $100 will also receive the art book free of charge." That includes nearly 2,000 backers, currently.

The book — which will be produced by Dynamite Entertainment, also working on the Art of Atari book — is planned to be "approximately 200 pages," hardcover and measure 9" by 12". It will feature "concept art as well as finished production materials, photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, as well as interviews with the game development team."

"We are excited about the prospect of working with Dynamite for our art book, especially after seeing what they did for The Art of Atari," said Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive Studios. "We know that our fans and gamers in general are going to be excited at the chance to add this book to their libraries."

The team at Nightdive has shared some mockups of the book with us, along with some art assets from its pages.

If you're really into the art, but not a fan of spending money, here's a raffle being run by the developer featuring an Obey-inspired shirt and a poster of Citadel Station, images below.

System Shock raffle prizes
System Shock raffle prizes