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Destiny makes for a surprisingly cool 2D sidescroller

Here's how one fan celebrated Bungie Day

Everyone knows that Destiny is a 3D shooter. One fan went in a different direction with Bungie's popular console game, however, reinventing it as a retro-style, sidescrolling action game.

Reddit user and Destiny fan Helix3333 shared a playable version of his homage to Destiny yesterday, July 7, in honor of Bungie Day. The developer created the "holiday" in its own image as a way to celebrate its community, its staff and its games. Helix3333's 2D version of Destiny for Windows PC and Mac may be the most interesting way to get in on the festivities.

The game, currently called "Project Tiger," is up as a free download, although some report that certain links are no longer active or have bene overloaded by traffic. For skeptics who want to see the game in action first, one Destiny fan shared some gameplay footage in the clip above. It looks different from the Destiny fans have put hours and hours into since 2014, but the tiny character sprite does resemble a Guardian. There are also some familiar-if-tinier enemies to shoot down.

Bungie shared news on its version of Destiny yesterday in honor of the studio's holiday (and 25th anniversary). "Moments of Triumph" is coming back for the game's second year, giving The Taken King owners a chance to earn a new set of rewards. The campaign runs until 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 20, when Rise of Iron launches.

Correction: Destiny is more of a first-person shooter than third-person. We've corrected the story to reflect this.

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