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Adrift is coming to PlayStation 4 this month

We have liftoff

First-person space survival game Adrift launches on PlayStation 4 July 15.

Adrift is the first game from Adam Orth's development team, Three One Zero. This is Orth's first game since being let go from Microsoft in 2013 following a series of facetious tweets in which he defended the Xbox One's "always on" feature. The Twitter firestorm led to death threats against Orth and his family.

The game has players take on the role of astronaut Alex Oshima, whose space station has suffered a catastrophe she does not remember. As Oshima, players must propel themselves through the wreckage and piece together what has occurred, while keeping an eye on their supply of oxygen. According to Orth, the game mirrors his experience dealing with the aftermath of losing his job.

Adrift's original release on Windows PC was delayed specifically to match the launch of the Oculus Rift. Although Orth has said that Adrift ought to be experienced in virtual reality, it has not been announced whether the game will come to PlayStation VR when the headset launches on Oct. 13.

Adrift will also launch on Xbox One later this year.

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