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We love being able to get the best stories to our fans every day.

However, we realize that going directly to our website may not be ideal for most of you. This is why we keep up a strong social media presence and develop original video and podcast content, if that’s your thing.

Still, we haven’t hit a critical audience: folks who like getting their news via email. This is why we created the Polygon Newsletter.

If you’re interested in signing up now (we launch next week), you can sign up here:

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For some, email is the best way to get content. It’s more intimate. It’s less cluttered and it’s more direct.

Since we post so many articles, we know it’s hard for some to find the top stories of the day. Many of you miss out, since your day is just as busy as ours. The Polygon Newsletter will make sure you never miss the top stories in our community.

Our newsletter will hit your inbox every morning, each weekday. We’ll send you the biggest stories of the previous day from Tuesday to Friday and the biggest stories of the weekend on Mondays.

The Polygon Newsletter will also contain the latest videos we’ve produced, our latest reviews, and even some newsletter-only contests.

Interested? Then don’t forget to sign up now and share this with friends.

Polygon Newsletter

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