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Here's what PlayStation VR game boxes look like

"You'll need these"

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Box art for the first batch of retail PlayStation VR games has appeared at certain online retailers, giving PlayStation 4 owners a preview of how Sony plans to differentiate titles for its virtual reality platform.

Artwork for two PlayStation VR games — Guerrilla Games' Rigs: Mechanized Combat League and London Studio's PlayStation VR Worlds — was recently added to Best Buy's website, showing that Sony will add a specific "PlayStation VR Game" banner to standard PS4 box art. The games' artwork also notes "You'll need these," meaning a PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera.

Best Buy lists Rigs for $49.99 and PlayStation VR Worlds for $39.99, lower than the typical retail price for PS4 games. A listing for Batman Arkham VR carries a price of just $19.99, indicating that Rocksteady's virtual reality spin-off will be a budget-priced effort.

PlayStation VR box art differs slightly in PAL regions, where the covers are a bit more explicit about the requirements (or lack thereof) for PSVR games.

PlayStation VR launches Oct. 13. For an in-depth look at the making of PlayStation VR, read Polygon's feature.

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