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Here's what PlayStation VR game boxes look like

"You'll need these"

Box art for the first batch of retail PlayStation VR games has appeared at certain online retailers, giving PlayStation 4 owners a preview of how Sony plans to differentiate titles for its virtual reality platform.

Artwork for two PlayStation VR games — Guerrilla Games' Rigs: Mechanized Combat League and London Studio's PlayStation VR Worlds — was recently added to Best Buy's website, showing that Sony will add a specific "PlayStation VR Game" banner to standard PS4 box art. The games' artwork also notes "You'll need these," meaning a PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera.

Best Buy lists Rigs for $49.99 and PlayStation VR Worlds for $39.99, lower than the typical retail price for PS4 games. A listing for Batman Arkham VR carries a price of just $19.99, indicating that Rocksteady's virtual reality spin-off will be a budget-priced effort.

PlayStation VR box art differs slightly in PAL regions, where the covers are a bit more explicit about the requirements (or lack thereof) for PSVR games.

PlayStation VR launches Oct. 13. For an in-depth look at the making of PlayStation VR, read Polygon's feature.

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