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Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces new takes on classic monsters in latest trailer

Vulpix, Sandshrew and Exeggcute take new forms in the Alola Region

The Pokémon Company debuted a six-minute, Japanese-language video of new Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay today, giving a closer look at several new Pokémon, trainers and features in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game.

A new feature is introduced in the video: Z-Moves, which are activated by a bracelet worn by the trainer. These allow Pokémon who hold a corresponding Z-Crystal to the player's accessory to perform special attacks, as seen at the beginning of the trailer.

As seen in a previous trailer, Sun and Moon gives trainers the ability to ride Pokémon around the Alola Region. These include several monsters from previous generations — but newer Pokémon are also front and center in the clip above. We’ll have more information on these characters later today, but they range from dancing birds to new variations of old favorites Exeggecute, Sandshrew and Vulpix.

There are also new human characters in the mix, as several non-playable characters enter the spotlight in the trailer above. We’re not quite sure yet what role these characters will take in the game’s storyline, but the trailer suggests they’ll be battling up against your trainer.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are out on Nov. 18.

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