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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s high-powered accessory is coming to toy stores this fall

Wear the Z-Ring while you use it in-game

Among Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new features, introduced in the games’ latest trailer earlier today, are Z-Moves, a new type of attack that players can activate with the accompanying Z-Ring accessory and another key item. Real trainers will be able to wear the special bracelet as they play the Nintendo 3DS games this fall, thanks to a toy version that hits retail in time for their Nov. 18 launch.

There’s no price or exact release date yet for the Z-Ring toy, which is based on what trainers wear in-game in order to unlock a Pokémon’s special Z-Move. It connects with Sun and Moon to light up and vibrate whenever these moves are used in-game. The dynamic plastic bracelet — think the Yo-Kai Watch accessory, in terms of size — adds another way to bring the Pokémon experience closer to reality.

A Pokémon carrying a Z-Crystal item that matches the one found in a trainer’s bracelet can then perform the special Z-Move attacks. These Crystals are based on Pokémon types and are discovered throughout the Alola Region.

Trainers then perform a special routine to bond with their Pokémon, who can then unleash the attack. Moves are accompanied with special effects, like a surging lightning bolt for the electric-type Gigavolt Havoc, giant flowers for grass-type Pokémon’s Bloom Doom, a frightening fireball for Inferno Overdrive and a whirlpool alongside Hydro Vortex.

There are other new attacks and challenges coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon, as well as several Pokémon exclusive to the Alola Region. Visit our Pokémon section for all of the info about the highly anticipated 3DS games.

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