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Here’s a look at World of Warcraft: Legion’s new environments, dungeons and content

Pre-ordering Legion lets you play the Demon Hunter class beginning Aug. 9

Blizzard has released a new extended look trailer for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion, showcasing the new content coming with the expansion.

Legion will introduce the Demon Hunter, the game’s first "hero class" since the Death Knight launched with Wrath of the Lich King in 2008. The expansion will also increase the game’s level cap from 100 to 110, upgrade the game’s graphics and add a new continent called the Broken Isles with unique enemies, dungeons, and raids— which all scale according to the player’s level.

The video shows off these new areas, including the Norse-inspired kingdom of Stormheim, Tauren hideaway Highmountain and the former Night Elf city of Suramar. You can also catch the Demon Hunter in action and take a look at the new dungeons, raids and features.

Players who pre-purchase Legion will be allowed to boost one of their characters' levels to 100 and try out the Demon Hunter class on Aug. 9, before the expansion launches on Aug. 30. The new class starts at level 98.