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Overwatch appears to be getting some Summer Olympics-themed skins

Get ready for a decent Zarya skin

The cast of Overwatch is apparently heading to Rio to engage in some Summer Olympics-themed fun, according to a package sent out by Blizzard Entertainment. That means some new skins — including Weightlifting Zarya, Football Lucio and Track and Field Tracer — seem to be coming in time with the real-world Rio 2016 Olympics.

Twitch streamer "LacedUpLauren" said on Twitter today that she received a package from Blizzard that includes a gold(en) medal in the shape of the Overwatch logo; trio of player cards for Lucio, Tracer and Zarya; and a sticker sheet featuring the game’s roster being sporty.

Here’s a look at the contents of that package:

As you can see, the package also includes a print of what might be a new map — possibly a domed arena — set in Rio de Janeiro. It’s also worth noting that the Olympics-themed content does not appear to be affiliated with the real Olympic Games; Blizzard’s just calling this the Summer Games 2016.

It’s not clear if the full Overwatch cast is getting these new skins. The sticker sheet shows characters like Mercy playing tennis, Soldier: 76 playing golf, Mei playing table tennis, Hanzo doing archery and Zenyatta in a karate gi, however.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently said that Blizzard was developing new legendary and epic skins for the game and that players should expect them soon.

We’re also expecting a package from Blizzard Entertainment any day now, hopefully with more details.

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