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Day two of the 2016 International Dota 2 Championships: Surprise upsets continue

Who’s moving on, who’s going home

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The second day of The International was a rough one for Chinese and European Dota 2 teams.

Tuesday began with Chinese team EHOME facing off against Swedish squad Alliance. Alliance, the winners of 2013’s International, have performed inconsistently over the course of 2016, but came into the group stages of TI6 strongly, performing in the top half of the overall standings and taking straight sets against TI5 champions Evil Geniuses. But the Swedish team was outmatched right from the beginning against EHOME, the overall leaders from the group stage who soundly dismantled alliance in a straight 2-0 set. Alliance will now have to continue in the lower bracket today against Southeast Asian team Fnatic, the loser of which will be eliminated from the tournament.

With a win, EHOME is poised to face the winner of Tuesday’s second match, which saw TI5 champions Evil Geniuses and TI4 champions Newbee opposite each other. Newbee’s win in TI4 was followed by a period of inconsistency and poor performances for the Chinese team, but they came back in 2016 to frequently dominate tournaments internationally, including a record-setting 29-game winning streak earlier this year. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses stumbled after their win at TI5. A series of roster shifts and team instability forced the North American team to forfeit a customary direct invite to TI6 and play through open regional qualifiers to make it to the event. Evil Geniuses defied expectations in the commentary community, placing in the top 4 in the group stage, and put on a convincing performance against Newbee, beating the Chinese team 2-0. Newbee will continue in the lower bracket, and Evil Geniuses now face EHOME in the upper bracket semifinal.

However, all eyes were on the third match of the day. European team OG, heavily favored to take the tournament and mostly-dominant in the group stage of TI6 had been sent to the lower bracket by Korean team MVP. OG met Southeast Asian squad TNC in the lower bracket, and once again, the EU team was heavily favored against the younger, less experience squad who found entrance into the main event through regional qualifiers. But the Filipino team stunned the audience in Key Arena, capitalizing on misplays by OG carry player Amir "Miracle" Al-Barkawi to carry the match 2-0. The tournament favorites have now been eliminated from TI6, while TNC will continue through the lower bracket. With Ukrainian team Na’Vi and EU squad Secret also eliminated, European Dota 2 fans last hopes remain with Alliance against a strong though inconsistent Fnatic, and EU/CIS team Liquid, who managed to hold on to the lower bracket after beating Na’Vi on day one..

Day two closed with storied Chinese team LGD against North American underdogs DC. DC’s performance at The International has been inconsistent, though their presence at the tournament at all is something of a miracle after roster shuffles with Evil Geniuses and Team Secret gutted DC of key players earlier this year — at the time, team founder Shannon Scotten called the team "dead." But DC turned in the day’s second big upset, as they routed LGD in straight sets, eliminating LGD (who just a day before, eliminated Team Secret in a best-of-one matchup).

The third day of the 2016 International Dota 2 Championships begin with the second round of lower bracket games and conclude with the upper bracket semifinals. You can find more information about how to watch The International 2016 here, and you can learn more about watching Dota 2 as a normal, not-obsessed person with our guide.

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