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Every Xbox 360 game that’s backward compatible with Xbox One

Which Xbox 360 games play on Xbox One?

Xbox One, unlike its biggest competitor PlayStation 4, is backward compatible with a portion of its predecessor's games. The list of Xbox 360 titles playable on Xbox One expands on a regular basis, with hundreds already working on the current-gen system. While Microsoft announces old games that are newly playable on its latest hardware as soon as they’re available, it can be hard to keep track of which of your discs or downloads actually work with Xbox One.

We’ve got a big spreadsheet of every backward compatible game below to help you out. It’s sorted by the most recent Xbox 360 game to become playable on Xbox One, and we’ll continue to update it with every addition, from the big — such as classics like Dark Souls and Red Dead Redemption to the smaller, more niche titles.

Basically, you’ll want to keep this page bookmarked if you’re a big fan of Xbox games from this generation and last.

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