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No Man's Sky streamer finally finds the last species on a planet in one perfect moment

A two-hour tour ends in success after seeming defeat

A major part of No Man's Sky isn’t just making discoveries; it’s cataloguing them. The game’s journal logs every waypoint, fauna and alien species that a traveler uncovers throughout their search, and for some, finding each unique one is a matter of utmost importance.

That’s why the moment above, seen on Twitch user KingGothalion’s No Man’s Sky livestream yesterday, is so much fun to watch. Gothalion took his viewers along for the ride as he scanned each of every one of the planet’s aliens in order to fill out his journal to completion. There were 10 different kinds to uncover, it told him, and he was dedicated to finding each and every one. Doing so awards the player 250,000 credits, the game's currency, used for buying and trading more items.

Making that last discovery is always tricky

Finding number 10 proved to be a trial, though; that always seems to be the case, in No Man’s Sky and in life. (Players have already begun to offer tips on Reddit to help ease the species discovery process.) Gothalion’s hunt went on for two hours, and the search drove him to his breaking point. But the clip proves that with a little perseverance, patience, luck and ... well, mostly luck, all good things can and do come to those who wait.

On that note: Rest in peace to the alien who lost its life for the sake of Gothalion’s efforts. In the streamer’s defense, though, Hebatlus Diridi sure got aggressive fast.

No Man’s Sky has found popularity on Twitch, with tons of players streaming their adventures. Yesterday, a pair managed to land on the same planet at the same time, but they never crossed paths, even when they were intentionally standing in identical spots. Those videos led the game’s designer Sean Murray to comment on the possibility — or improbability — of multiplayer in the expansive survival game.

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