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Report: New Pokémon from Sun and Moon leak ahead of trailer premiere

Images show several new monsters and a first look at the games' villains

Pokémon Sun and Moon is due for a new trailer this Friday, Aug. 12, but some anonymous 4chan users have already gotten their hands on the video. Early clips have found their way to other online forums, like NeoGAF, as have pictures of several unannounced Pokémon.

Scans posted yesterday from the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro help corroborate the screenshots of monsters like the prickly Pyukumuku and Wishiwashi, a water-type fish Pokémon who has two separate forms. There’s even a clip pulled seemingly straight from the trailer that shows Wishiwashi’s solo and school forms in action to lend further credence to the screenshots.

The full list of Pokémon in the 4chan leak is as follows:


Wishiwashi (solo and school forms), a water-type. It changes into the school form, below, when it evolves.


Below is Raichu's Alola form, a new electric/psychic-type version of the old-school Pokémon. (Several first-gen Pokémon are known to be getting special forms in the Alola region.)

raichu The Pokémon Company

Below is Morelull; it's a grass/fairy-type.


Pyukumuku, a water-type, below.


A member of Team Skull, the villainous organization in Sun and Moon, is also seen in the new set of images. We haven't seen Team Skull in any official material yet, although the magazine scans offered a glimpse at the crew as well. 4chan users posted a screenshot of Plumeria, "Team Skull's big sister," in their growing round-up of Sun and Moon news.


We've reached out to The Pokémon Company to confirm the new images and will update accordingly.  We expect to have more details on these Pokémon later this week, if they are indeed real, but we’re inclined to believe the early screens posted to 4chan. Major fansite has also uploaded the pictures, a seeming vote of confidence, but nothing has been confirmed. It wouldn’t be the first time Pokémon from Sun and Moon leaked ahead of an announcement, though; in fact, names of new Pokémon have made their way to Reddit before official channels could get them out in the past.

The games come out on Nov. 18 for Nintendo 3DS, whether or not all of the Pokémon are accidentally unveiled beforehand.

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