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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s villains — and leaked Pokémon — introduced in new trailer

Whaddup, Team Skull

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new trailer is out a little earlier than expected — perhaps due to many of its announcements ending up online yesterday. Still, the video above is a lengthy look at several new Pokémon, as well as an introduction to Team Skull, the enemies players will have to take down to save the Alola region.

The Pokémon take the focus here, with in-game footage of several water-types shown off for the first time. Most exciting is the debut of three new Alola region variations of older, first-generation Pokémon. We already met the surfing electric/psychic-type Raichu yesterday, but the new trailer also introduces us to a dark-type Meowth and a ghastly Marowak.

As for Team Skull, the crew of "rejects" is intent on bringing about destruction to the Pokémon world. For what purpose, it’s too early to say, but we already admire the team’s style and sweet moves.

Those are better seen in the Japanese trailer, which offers some slightly different clips while mostly presenting the same information. Watch that one below for another take on the latest additions to the games.

We’ll have an in-depth look on each of the new Pokémon later today, so check back in with us. For now, read up on many of the other new Pokémon coming to Sun and Moon, announced earlier this month. Expect even more reveals up to Nov. 18, when we can finally get our hands on the games.