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No Man’s Sky exploit gives you unlimited items, ruins game

Why rob yourself of the fun?

No Man’s Sky players have found a way to duplicate items in the game, including some of the rarest and most essential cargo needed to finish. This isn’t a smart use of the economy, like farming Bypass Chips, this is an exploit that will likely be patched out of the game in short order.

"Upon death in your ship, No Man's Sky allows you to claim back your ship's inventory from your grave marker," Eurogamer reported. "But by reloading a previous save you can get your inventory back plus access to the grave as well, doubling whatever you had at the time."

You can watch Eurogamer's video explanation below.

This also ruins most of the fun of the game and could potentially allow you to "finish" No Man's Sky in record time. This is a great shortcut if your goal is to get to the center of the galaxy as quickly as possible, but I'd recommend you take some time to look around and relax before you do so.