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Florence and the Machine headlines Final Fantasy 15's latest scenery tour

You will be dazzled

Square Enix has been uploading lengthy montages of the most gorgeous views in Final Fantasy 15, and its latest "World of Wonder" video may be the best one yet. Watch above for an introduction to the aquatic areas throughout the game’s world, this time scored by award-winning pop act Florence and the Machine.

Final Fantasy fans (or those of Florence and the Machine) will recall that the group, fronted by Florence Welsh, is providing the game’s theme song, a cover of "Stand By Me." (That news came out of the game’s big reveal event earlier this spring, where Florence and the Machine performed the classic tune.) Yet the band released a Final Fantasy 15-themed EP today that also includes two other songs, one of which provides the soundtrack for the new "World of Wonder" clip. "I Will Be" is a more subdued ballad than Florence and the Machine’s typical melodramatic fare, but it adds some swelling emotion to a video that may otherwise just come off as three minutes of magical beasts and mountains.

The full mini-album is available for purchase on iTunes, and it’s also streaming on Spotify. Whether "I Will Be" and "Too Much is Never Enough," the other new song on the EP, make it into the game itself is not confirmed. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can find out when Final Fantasy 15 finally arrives on Sept. 30.