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No Man’s High is the No Man’s Sky community for chilled-out explorers

I was gonna go play No Man's Sky, but then I got high

No Man's Sky amassed quite the ardent fanbase even ahead of its launch on PlayStation 4 earlier this week. Community forums dedicated to the game are rife with people staunchly defending and decrying it and developer Hello Games for any number of reasons — and that could make it hard for those who are just looking for a good time to get involved.

Many players have begun using a more relaxed subreddit instead of the main No Man's Sky chatroom: No Man’s High, a "drama-free space to discuss the game, share content and chill." Yes, its denizens drop everything when 4:20 rolls around, but they’re purveyors of good No Man’s Sky vibes first and foremost. Posts include high praise for the game — current top threads include "I LOVE THIS GAME!" and "I am fucking loving this game" — as well as jokes that every stoner or fan of stoner comedy will appreciate.

Some subreddit dwellers are logging their stoned experiences, while others are simply happy to share the prettiest planets they’ve stumbled across. There’s no arguing about whether or not the game is truly multiplayer here, and there is little discussion of the game’s various bugs and crashes.

No Man’s High is quieter than other forums, but that’s a large part of its appeal. It’s a solid place to kick back, take a load off and scroll through for some 100 percent chill No Man’s Sky talk.

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