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Nintendo may let fans name its 'community Nintendog' after Waluigi

Please don't let this happen

Nintendo of America tweeted a poll earlier today asking fans a simple question: What should it name its "community Nintendog"? In doing so, however, it appears that the company has given the Twittersphere far too much power, and the dog could end up being named after Waluigi, of all things, as a result.

To recap: Nintendo will bring a young Nintendog into the world during a Facebook Live stream on Aug. 18 at 1 p.m. PT. The stunt is in honor of the re-release of Nintendogs + cats: Golden Retriever and Friends on Nintendo 3DS, which is joining the Nintendo Selects budget line. The biggest conceit here is that the Nintendo community of fans and followers will be invited to help care for the pup, right down to naming it.

The poll offers four options: King, which is kind of pompous; Doggie McDogface, which is just bad; Isabelle, a fine option that references the canine assistant in Animal Crossing: New Leaf; and Waluigi, the snide, lanky, purple-clad villain of Mario and Luigi. The obvious best choice here is Isabelle, being that she is both a dog and a Nintendo character. The internet rarely springs for the best choice, however, and so Waluigi is in a comfortable lead.

Votes are accepted until 12 p.m. ET tomorrow. We have no horse — or dog — in this race, but we implore you to look at the cover of Nintendogs + cats and do the right thing here: Don’t let this puppy live with the name Waluigi for the rest of its virtual life.

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