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At day four of the 2016 International Dota 2 Championships, underdogs and favorites rise and fall

Only four teams remain at TI6


As the 2016 International Dota 2 Championship rolls past its halfway point, 16 teams has been narrowed down to just five, and most pre-tournament predictions have crumbled.

The day opened as Philippines-based team TNC, a surprise success story at this year’s tournament who knocked out EU favorites OG in a shocking 2-0 upset on day two, took on another surprising contender at this year’s TI. North American team DC squeaked into TI6’s main event, narrowly avoiding elimination, and have gone on to perform well in the lower bracket. TNC started the set strongly with a win over DC, but the NA team went on to win the next two, eliminating the Filipino squad. However, TNC have finished in TI6’s "top eight" standings, securing a minimum prize of more than $500,000.

Next, mixed EU/Southeast Asian squad Fnatic took on EU-based Liquid, once again in an elimination match in the lower bracket. Liquid narrowly avoided elimination on Wednesday in a closely contested three game series against Chinese team Newbee, despite being early favorites to place in the top ranks of the tournament. But Liquid ultimately proved unable to stand against Fnatic. Liquid will leave having placed in the top eight as well as TNC.

Tournament play concluded for Thursday with the next set, where DC were forced to play a second set of the day against Chinese team EHOME. EHOME were dominant in the group stage of TI6, and looked strong at the main event. But a close loss against NA team — and defending International champions — Evil Geniuses, EHOME seemed like a different, less cohesive team, and proved unable to stand against DC’s more dynamic drafting and play. EHOME’s sixth place finish will send them home with more than $900,000.

The upper bracket of TI6 will conclude today as Evil Geniuses takes on Wings, with the loser moving to the lower bracket to face the winners of today’s lower bracket competition. The day begins with Korean team MVP facing off against Fnatic, and the winner of that match will end Friday against DC. You can find more information about how to watch The International 2016 here, and you can learn more about watching Dota 2 as a normal, not-obsessed person with our guide.