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After day five of the 2016 International Dota 2 Championships, only three teams remain

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The unpredictable International Dota 2 Championships has found its final three and, arguably, only one of those teams would have been expected prior to the main event.

The day began with Korean fan favorite MVP facing the surprisingly dominant Southeast Asian team Fnatic, which has rampaged through the lower bracket of the tournament. MVP’s aggressive, chaotic play style was overmatched against Fnatic’s more meta-oriented drafting, and MVP was quickly eliminated. MVP finished in the top six at The International, taking home more than $900,000.

Next, North American team Evil Geniuses took on Chinese team Wings Gaming in the upper bracket final. Both teams have looked strong in the main event of TI6, but unconventional drafting choices from Evil Geniuses left the team seemingly ill-prepared for Wings’ teamwork and strong play. Evil Geniuses will begin the last day of the tournament in the lower bracket final.

Evil Geniuses’ opponent was determined by the last match on Friday, which found North American team DC against Fnatic in their second match of the day. DC is widely considered one of the best stories of the tournament, as the team was widely derided prior the group stage and thought to have little chance in the main event. However, DC has been on a hot streak through the lower bracket, repeatedly escaping elimination on the main stage. Powered by strong drafting and impressive teamwork, DC convincingly shut out Fnatic, securing their spot in at least the top three of TI6. Fnatic goes home in fourth place with more than $1.4 million in winnings.

The International 2016 concludes today as DC meets Evil Geniuses, with the winner going on to the grand final against Wings. The winner of TI6 will secure a prize of more than $9 million, with the second and third-place finishers earning $3.4 and $2.1 million respectively. You can find more information about how to watch The International 2016 here, and you can learn more about watching Dota 2 as a normal, not-obsessed person with our guide.

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