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Watch 33 minutes of gameplay from Grow Home's sequel Grow Up

Grow Home was one of 2015's best surprises. The game, whose roots began in a one-man experiment at studio Ubisoft Reflections, was sort of a modern take on classic platformers that boasted a unique low-poly look and a major mechanical twist: the entire game was driven entirely by procedural animation. In practice, that meant that every interaction you had with Grow Home's world, from the robotic protagonist's run animation to the creatures that populated the game, were all physically simulated with no canned animations, resulting in a climbing-based adventure game with a surprisingly tactile feel.

At E3 2016, Ubisoft surprised us yet again — this time with the news that Grow Home would be getting a successor called Grow Up, a sequel set on an open-world planet loaded with new abilities and wildlife for BUD to explore.

Above, watch over half an hour of hands-on gameplay from Grow Up, including a look at the game's enormous new environment, BUD's new built-in power glider and ball modes, the new ability to spawn any plant you encounter using the Floradex 3000, and more.

Grow Up will be released on Aug. 16 for $9.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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