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PS4 firmware update coming soon to streamline the interface

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Beta participants are getting it now

The PlayStation 4's next major system update, version 4.00, will bring new functions that users have requested, including the ability to create folders to organize content within the console's library, and longer video clip uploads to Twitter.

The update, codenamed Shingen, will arrive soon for those enrolled in PlayStation's public beta program. (They will be notified by email how to download the update).

The Quick Menu, called up by holding the PS button on the controller, will now only cover a portion of the screen rather than take it over completely. It will include new items to streamline visual information to the user.

The main user interface will also get a series of design changes ranging from new system backgrounds to a different look for system icons. "As a whole, it all adds up to a more refined and easy to use UI," Sony said in a blog post. "The overall look and feel of the UI remains the same — it just has a fresh coat of paint."

The Share Menu will now, like the Quick menu, cover only a portion of the screen. It will default to the most recent social network to which the user shared a clip or an image, and for Twitter, game clips can now be up to 140 seconds long, instead of the original 10.

Improvements to Trophy management will allow users to see their collection even if offline. More details on the update are available here.