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All six seasons of Community are now available on Hulu

It's not about to fade away


Community has had a rocky broadcasting history. After three seasons on NBC, the network fired creator Dan Harmon, only to bring him back for the series' fifth season — which debuted to record low ratings. Harmon fought to save the show, but NBC eventually released both, and Community's sixth season aired on Yahoo Screen. Though it garnered critical acclaim, users complained about Yahoo's quality of service.

Now, though, all six seasons are in one place, with no problems. Hulu announced today that it has acquired the rights to the series, adding that subscribers can start streaming the show right now. The acquisition comes from a new licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Television, which owns the right to the series. The deal also comes with a few other shows that Hulu subscribers will be able to stream for the first time. Fans of dramas like Rescue Me, Outsiders and Underground can also catch up on those shows later this month on Hulu.

Recently, Harmon spoke to Polygon about Community and the movie that he's talked about wanting to do for years. He said at this point it's inevitable that the film will happen, and it's just a matter of when. The biggest problem, he said, was trying to work with everyone's schedules. Most of the cast have already joined new series, including Joel McHale (The Great Indoors)Donald Glover (Atlanta) and Danny Pudi (Powerless).