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The difference between No Man’s Sky’s trailers and reality, in one video (update)

Things can get real stupid on these planets

Are you curious about the difference in how No Man's Sky was shown at E3 2014 and its launch last week? This video has you covered.

We’ve watched this clip a few hundred times in the office, and we can confirm it never gets any less amusing.

The audio is taken from this rather well-known audio cover of the Jurassic Park theme.

The E3 trailer was of course designed to show off the ideal of No Man’s Sky, complete with awe-inspiring creatures and a near-perfect mixture of both plant and animal life.

The reality is that you never know what you’re going to get when you land on a planet, and if you ask me the goofy planets are actually the best. I would have loved to see an E3 trailer where Sony and Hello Games went after "derp" instead of "majesty."

Update: The original version of this post used a tweet that embedded the video without any attribution. We've replaced it with the original video.

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