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No Man’s Sky’s data library reveals possible character model, Half-Life 2 logo

Half-Life 3 #confirmed...?

NeoGAF user Hugo Peters recently dug through the data files from the Steam version of No Man’s Sky and uncovered some interesting assets, including 3D models and a few suggestive file names.

There’s no actual way to see yourself in the game, and, despite some players’ best efforts, it doesn’t seem like anyone else can see you either. After scrubbing a folder of character models, though, Peters may have found the elusive look of the game’s protagonist, who seems to be riding the love child of a hoverboard and a unicycle:

The files refer to this model only as "Astronaut," so it could possibly belong to someone else in the game yet to be discovered.

Also present in the game’s demo folder was this adorable fez-wearing monkey:

The monkey is actually a staple of Hello Games’ previous series, Joe Danger. Chuckles the Chimp was added to the original Joe Danger as a downloadable extra in reference to a publisher’s request, upon being pitched the game before its release, that the developer consider making the main character Joe into a monkey. His presence in the files for No Man’s Sky, though, is a total mystery.

Another model known only as "Space Grave" appeared in the same folder:

It just looks like a sewer pipe floating in the middle of an ocean, but the name alone is enough to give us the willies.

More finds from the data library include insights into the development process for No Man’s Sky and, inexplicably, the logo for Half-Life 2 in the game’s texture files.

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