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Twitch plays Hearthstone again, but this time as a chess match

Is Twitch chat smarter than Hearthstone’s AI? Well...

Last time Twitch tried playing Hearthstone, it didn’t go great. Never one to give up, Hearthstone jokester and video creator Disguised Toast decided to give Twitch another chance — this time with a surprising twist.

Last week, Blizzard released the first wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure add-on, which features a bunch of fun single-player boss fights. The best of the bunch sees Hearthstone reimagined as a chess battle. We made a video and wrote about how much we loved this fight over here.

Disguised Toast decided to retry his "Twitch plays Hearthstone" experiment using the chess match, reasoning that with more limited choices, Twitch might perform better. And ... they actually do! Sort of.

Until he takes them into the much harder Heroic mode, at least. Toast says he’s working on some new "democracy" tech that he’ll be using in future "Twitch Plays Hearthstone" sessions.

Watch the video above to see the experiment for yourself (and skip to 1:20 if you want to jump past the sponsored ad). For extra fun, I suggest comparing Twitch chat’s performance to our own in the video below. Maybe we should just have Twitch chat playing for us?