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Mafia 3's newest trailer gets the gang together for an old-fashioned heist

Check out those haircuts too, baby

The latest trailer for Mafia 3 doesn't feature gameplay but it sets up a hell of a delectable premise: a good old-fashioned heist.

The trailer features the requisite guns and clanging alarms, stacks of cash, 1960s haircuts and sideburns and some bona fide peckerwood accents. Mafia 3 is set in that universe's equivalent of New Orleans, and the lead character is Lincoln Clay, a biracial man who comes home from the Vietnam War and, in classic antihero fashion, takes on the local mob by setting up a more public-spirited one of his own.

Mafia 3 is Hangar 13's first game. That's the 2K Games in-house studio named for the building in Novato, Calif. where the team works (that office park is the old Hamilton Army Airfield). Mafia 3 launches Oct. 7 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

For more, see our full preview of Mafia 3 from E3 2016.

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