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Watch Amy Adams confront aliens in the first full-length trailer for Arrival

And this time the alien isn't Superman

Following last week's brief tease of director Denis Villeneuve's newest sci-fi film, Arrival, the first full-length trailer is here and with it, the first glimpse at cinema's newest alien species.

The new trailer also provides some additional details that were missing from the earlier tease, including just how impactful the alien invasion is on Earth and how teams of scientists are combating the otherworldly species. Amy Adams plays expert linguist Dr. Louise Banks and is tasked with trying to communicate with the aliens to prevent a worldwide attack that would wipe out the human race. In the brief clips seen in the trailer, Banks discovers a method of holding meaningful conversation with the aliens, but it may not be enough to prevent worldwide hysteria from setting in.

Arrival, based on the award-winning short story "Story of Your Life" by American author Ted Chiang, will also star Jeremy Renner as mission commander Ian Donnelly and Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber.

Arrival will be released Nov. 11.

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