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Watch 50 minutes of Final Fantasy 15 from Gamescom

Combat, missions and cinematic sequences are all in here

Sqaure Enix is at Gamescom this week in Germany to show off a new playable demo for Final Fantasy 15, and for those unable to attend, the publisher has posted a 50-minute video of gameplay footage on its Japanese YouTube page.

The video starts with the game's main character, Noctis Lucius Caelum standing in a fiery dungeon, staring down a ferocious-looking demon that he and his group must defeat. Caelum, crown prince and heir to the Lucius throne, must defend his city from a series of marauders and bandits who are trying to claim the last crystal housed within the kingdom. The video also provides a better look at other characters within the game, including Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia and Gladiolus Amicitia.

The 50-minute video jumps from scene to scene, never staying focused on one particular level for too long. There are combat scenes, mission scenes and cinematic moments that will give fans of the franchise a closer look at what to expect from the game. Despite it being on the publisher's Japanese page, the entire video is in English and features English subtitles, as well.

Final Fantasy 15 has faced quite a few delays over the course of its development cycle. Square Enix announced earlier this year that the game was going to be released on the PlayStation 4 on Sept. 30, but just a couple of days ago confirmed it had been delayed until Nov. 29.